The fundamental principles of our work.


It is our business to help companies, but also individuals, in the Czech and Slovak Republic to realize the risks connected with their activity they are exposed to and to handle them. 

Our work follows the classical scheme of Risk Management: 

  • Realize the risks! 
  • Can we eliminate the risks we have identified, using reasonable methods? 
  • If they are not avoidable - how can we reduce them? 
  • Is it possible to transfer the remaining risks to third parties? 
  • What risks do we deliberately carry ourselves?

We know, that every client knows his company better than anybody else. Therefore we think, we can assist him best by asking questions and considering his answers. If the result of this research is, that it is most desirable to transfer risks in whole or in part to an insurer, we draft a policy which will meet the client’s requirements and use this draft as the basis for a tender. Finally we comment on the offers we have received and with our assistance the client selects the insurer. 

After we have placed the insurance we service it, which means we watch the market; if there are developments in favour of the client we make them available for him. If there are changes in the client’s area of operations we adapt the policy to make sure that the envisaged protection is not reduced. 


In the event of a claim we assist the client in collecting all necessary documents for submission to the insurer and we negotiate on behalf of the client with the insurer.
As usual in the insurance industry all our work is compensated by commission which is part of each premium and paid to us by the insurer, which means, that our service does not increase the expenses or the policy holder. 

To be accepted by the insurers as representative of the policyholder we need a „Broker of Record Letter". This authorisation and our agreement with the client can be terminated by the client at any time without giving any reason and without any period of notice. 

We think this renunciation of any formalities is necessary, because the relation between client and broker must be dominated by mutual confidence. There is for each of us both obligation and incentive to do his best in the interest or our client. 

We are the representative of our client and his ally, but nevertheless it is essential that we feel obliged to treat insurers fairly. Only if we enjoy their confidence as well, are we able to reach the best solutions for our client‘s problems.